Courses Online

We now have 144 hours of continuing education available ONLINE. This is an additional 48 hours for 2022!

Course sets each contain 6 hours of continuing education credit. Course sets 5-16 use a book entitled “The 36-Hour Day”. You will need a copy of the book to complete these courses sets. You can request one free copy from us via phone or email. If you have completed ALL our online courses, 48 additional hours are available by mail.

PRICES: 6 Hours-$40    12 Hours-$72   18 Hours-$108    24 Hours-$144    30 Hours-$180

Please note we are unable to offer exactly 15 hours online for Wyoming CNA’s however you can order exactly 15 and complete these by mail.

There are 144 hours of continuing education available to take ONLINE. They are available in 6 credit hour sets. The minimum order is 6 hours. To use the online service you will:

  • Click the link below
  • Check the computer requirements to be sure your system will work
  • Register as a student (only Wellspring Studies will have access to your registration)
  • Select the courses you want and pay at the online site
  • Complete the courses and print or save your Proof of Education

YOU MUST pass each part of the course before you can go forward. You need to repeat any part you do not pass. There is no additional charge.

Link to our Digital Chalk Online Courses

If you experience difficulty with the online site, you can contact us and we may be able to provide your courses through the mail. We do not offer extensive IT help with the site. Be sure you meet the minimum requirements to use the site, especially a high speed internet connection.