Course Listing

Courses are sold in 2 or 6 hours units. Orders are filled based on the number of hours ordered, beginning with number 1 & 2 or at the last course completed if not ordering for the first time. Courses may be requested and will be filled as available. Courses cannot be repeated for credit.

Courses 1-2
The Practice of Providing Care

Courses 3-4
Dietary Fiber

Courses 5-6
Assisting with Meals
Defining Dementia

Courses 7-8
Steps toward Good Health
Pediculus (Lice)

Courses 9-10
Disaster Preparedness
Dignity and Health When Dealing With Elimination

Courses 11-12
Dealing with Dementia

Courses 13-14
Legal and Ethical Issues

Courses 15-16
Fighting Fat (Dietary)

Courses 17-18
Vital Signs Part 1
Vital Signs Part 2

Courses 19-20
Infection Control Part 1
Infection Control Part 2

Courses 21-12
Aging /The Loss of Independence

Courses 23-24
Sensory Changes
Activities and Socialization

Courses 25-26
Multiple Sclerosis
Skin Care

Courses 27-28
Communication Part 1
Communication Part 2

Courses 29-30
Quality of Life

Courses 31-32
Routine Medical Exams
Body Mechanics for Back Safely

Courses 33-34
Diagnostic Tests Part 1
Safely Transferring and Repositioning Clients

Courses 35-36
Diagnostic Tests Part 2
The Importance of Hydration

Courses 37-38
Understanding Death in the 21st Century
Holiday Hints for Caregivers

Courses 39-40
Spiritual and Emotional Needs of Dying Clients
Parkinson’s Disease

Courses 41-42
Dealing with Physical Needs of Dying Clients
Cardiovascular Health in Women

Courses 43-44
Understanding Diabetes
Supportive Care for Diabetes

Courses 45-46
Caring for the Caregiver

Courses 47-48
Paying for Medical and Home Care
Alzheimer’s Disease

There are also 96 hours from the book “The 36 Hour Day”.  These courses cover in depth look at dementia. The book is supplied and the courses are in 6 hour sets.  It is suggested that this course work be started only by those who have completed the 48 above and feel comfortable with a more difficult level of reading. To do these courses by mail or online, you must have a copy of the book. Please request one by email or phone.