Wellspring Studies will be unable to fill online MAIL orders until March 12th, 2018. Any orders, reviews, or phone messages will be returned on that day. If you want to do your courses now, ONLINE you can choose that option and do courses, print proof of education immediately.

Take courses ONLINE OR BY MAIL!

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Our continuing education courses can be used for Certified Nursing Assistants in Alaska and Wyoming. They can also be used by care givers and administrators in Alaska Assisted Living Homes.
Courses may be ordered to complete through the mail OR online. There are 72 credit hours available online at this time.

Read below for more information about our courses and about renewing your certificate.

Online Courses

ONLINE courses: courses are sold in 6 hour sets with 3 lessons each.  Lessons have 3-5 pages of reading followed by a review of about 10-12 questions. You need 70% to pass the course. If you do not pass, you will need to repeat the course until you do. There is no additional charge. You can print your Proof of Continuing Education or it will be saved in your Completed Courses tab on Digital Chalk until you need it. You can also save it to your computer. At this time there are 72 credit hours available online.

PRICES: 6 Hours-$40    12 Hours-$72   18 Hours-$108    24 Hours-$144

Courses By Mail

Courses Done By Mail: Each 2 hour course/credit contains 3-5 pages of reading material followed by a 10 question multiple choice review. The completed review is then mailed back to Wellspring Studies. If 7 of 10 questions are correct, you will receive credit for the course and PROOF OF CONTINUING EDUCATION will be mailed to you. For courses done by mail proof is dated with the post mark date on the returned reviews.  We mail most proof of education back within 72 hours of receiving the reviews. IF you do not answer at least 7 of 10 questions correctly, the review will be returned to you for a retake. There may be an additional charge if more than one review must be retaken. The cost is $5 per review. You can complete courses at any time in any amount regardless of what you order. You can return them one set at a time or altogether.

PRICES: 2 hours $20    6 hours $40    8 hours $50
12 hours $72   18 hours $108    24 hours $144

About your certificate as a Certified Nursing Assistant:

Certified Nursing Assistants in Alaska re-certify by March 31st of even years (2018, 2020, 2022). In Wyoming you re-certify before December 31st of even years.  Wellspring Studies is a private education business, we do not have any authority over your certificate. We are an accepted provider of education hours. There are additional requirements, fees, and application to re-certify beyond your continuing education.

Alaska Certified Nurse Aide:
If you need renewal forms or if you have questions about your certificate, please contact the State of Alaska by calling 1-907-269-8169 or on the web at www.nursing.alaska.gov

Wyoming Certified Nursing Assistant:

Renewal of your certification will be via online application beginning October 1 and ending December 31 during even years (2018, 2020, 2022 etc.)  If you have questions about your certificate, please contact the Wyoming State Board of Nursing by visiting the Wyoming State Board of Nursing online.

Assisted Living Homes in ALASKA:

We offer discounts and special formats to suit the needs of organizations where multiple employees will need education AND the employer will be paying for that education.  Please contact Wellspring Studies for more information.