We have moved! Permanent contact information now posted.

After 33 years in Alaska we retired to the South Dakota area.  We have new, permanent contact information but if you use the old one, we will still get your mail until April 2014. We will continue to serve Alaska, add Wyoming services and look forward to hearing from you!



About Wellspring Studies

• Our continuing education courses can be used for Alaskan Certified Nursing Assistants, care givers in Assisted Living Homes, and administrators of Assisted Living Homes.
• All Wellspring Studies courses are sent by mail  but you can ORDER online or by mail. We mail most courses within 48 hours of receiving the order.
• Each 2 hour course/credit contains 3-5 pages of reading material followed by a 10 question multiple choice review.
• The completed review is then mailed back to Wellspring Studies.
• If 7 of 10 questions are correct, you will receive credit for the course and a certificate of completion will be mailed to you. Certificates of completion are dated with the post mark date on the returned reviews. We mail most certificates back within 48 hours of receiving the reviews.
• If you do not answer at least 7 of 10 questions correctly, the review will be returned to you for a retake. There may be an additional charge if more than one review must be retaken. The cost is $5 per review.
• You can complete courses at any time in any amount regardless of what you order. You can return them one set at a time or altogether.
Courses are offered in sets of 2 hours and these multiples of 2. Order now and use the courses whenever you need them.
2 hours $30
6 hours $55
8 hours $75
12 hours $99
18 hours $150
24 hours $185


You can order by mail with a check or money order. You can order online with a credit card through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to order, only a credit card.

Click here to print the order form and mail with payment
Click here to order online using PayPal
Please do not call to order by phone. We cannot accept payment over the phone.

About your certificate from the State of Alaska:

Certified Nursing Assistants in Alaska renew their certificates in March of even years (2014, 2016, 2018). You must complete both the required work and education hours to recertify. Wellspring Studies is a private education business, we do not have any authority over your certificate. We are an accepted provider of education hours.
If you need renewal forms or if you have questions about your certificate, please contact the State of Alaska by calling 1-907-269-8169 or on the web at http://www.commerce.alaska.gov/dnn/cbpl/ProfessionalLicensing/NurseAideRegistry.aspx

Assisted Living Homes:

For homes with 5 or more employees who will be completing courses in the same year, there is a special format available at a reduced cost. If 2-4 employees order together with the same address and payment method, a discount may also be available. Please contact Wellspring Studies for more information.